Iran says destroys cell connected to IS in fringe area

Iran says destroys cell connected to IS in fringe area

Iran says dismantles cell linked to IS in border province
DUBAI: Iranian security powers killed three warriors connected to the aggressor Islamic State (IS) gathering in a city near the Iraqi fringe on Tuesday, appropriating a weapons store and belts equipped with explosives, a senior authority said. 

The trio were shot dead in the house they were staying in Kermanshah city, the legislative leader of Kermanshah territory, Asadollah Razani, was cited as saying by state news office IRNA. 

The city is around 100 kilometers from the Iraqi outskirt. 

A senior individual from IS was killed on Monday night in an operation in another city in the region, amid which different supporters of the gathering were captured, Razani said. 

Iranian authorities say IS aggressors have been focusing on the nation lately, while Tehran has sloped up its military nearness in both Iraq and Syria taking after Russia’s entrance into the contention in Syria. 

In June, Iranian knowledge powers said they captured 10 IS aggressors and seized around 100 kilograms of explosives planned to be utilized as a part of auto and suicide bombs and different assaults in occupied open spots.

Updated: August 16, 2016 — 8:38 am

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